<p><strong>Venice, Italy</strong></p>

Venice, Italy


The world of tomorrow will be increasingly digital, efficient and sustainable. This was firmly made clear at the Innovation Experience 2019 which gathered over 200 attendees in Venice, from around 30 countries, to talk about the current market challenges and present what Eliwell and Schneider Electric can offer to the HVAC and Refrigeration world.

For the first time, representatives from the major Food Retail chains were invited to the event to share their experience with the new EcoStruxure for Retail platform.

The plenary session was attended by external speakers from important international organizations; they made inspiring and innovative speeches on extremely topical themes: digitization, energy efficiency and sustainability, three key-words which often recurred during the two days of the event. The plenary session then ended with a panel discussion between representatives of the supermarket world on the needs of the modern sales points.

Simultaneous technical sessions were held with richly detailed programs addressed to the HVAC, Supermarkets (Food Retail) and Distribution markets. A world premiere presentation was dedicated to IDNext, the “next generation controller”: an entirely Italian control solution which will be launched in 2020.

Having an important impact on energy consumption, the Refrigeration segment was one of the key topics: it’s necessary to rely on solutions that can reduce consumption, like DOMINO and its natural evolution DOMINO ZERO. Not least, it was highlighted how important it is today to sell services and not just products. Digitization opens wide scenarios and the application of augmented reality in HVAC-R makes it possible to improve the maintenance process by speeding up interventions and reducing the machine downtime.

The event programme includeda visit at the Eliwell plant in Belluno with a special focus on the new Innovation Hub: EcoStruxure for Retail, Venice, the innovative demo center that simulates a real supermarket where the Eliwell and Schneider Electric solutions are installed and can be experienced first-hand.

The Innovation Experience event has been an important opportunity for discussion among stakeholders in a time when the market is changing rapidly: digitization is leading a real technological revolution. Eliwell by Schneider Electric provides effective support to customers in this journey towards a sustainable future.

Sandro Battagli, VP General Manager HVAC-R Machine Solutions, Eliwell by Schneider Electric

Highlights of the event and speaker’s speeches are available in the videos, presentations and photogallery.

Luca Zunarelli
Avipsa Mahapatra
Carlo Bagnoli
Alfio Fontana

Innovation Experience 2019 Intro - Sandro Battagli

Inspiring your digital transformation in HVAC and Refrigeration - Roberto Gerico

Business Model 4.0 (and beyond) - Carlo Bagnoli

Simplified machine service and maintenance - Aurélien Fanget

Cooling Policy Landscape and Leadership Opportunities - Avipsa Mahapatra

A New Era in Retail Digitization - Laurent Coene

Smart cold: tavola rotonda con le aziende del Food Retail (Italian Only)

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