Technical point of view

In this section you can find the Technical Bulletins issued by our Technical Support Department:
each Bulletin deepens a dedicated topic from the technical point of view, so to better support you on the utilisation of our products.

Nr.29 Eliwell and Modbus protocol
This bulletin contains the updated list of the Eliwell products compatible with the MODBUS Protocol.
Nr.28 New Probes NTC, Pt1000, PTC
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Nr.27 Memory1000 Applications
Nr.26 Remote connectivity Bulletin EN
This bulletin lists remote connectivity options available depending on local system connectivity. Local system is normally the place in which the TelevisNet supervisor is installed and connected to the controller network.
Nr.25 TelevisNet Settings Bulletin EN
This document provides guidelines for checking and modifying settings necessary for the correct operation of TelevisNet.
Nr.24 RadioAdapter Bulletin EN
RadioAdapter is a Eliwell device that enables the use of RF (Radio Frequency) technology, to allow wireless communication between controllers, devices and the supervisor.
Nr.23 Try Coldface Bulletin EN
A number of regulation options available in the ColdFace family will be explained; these options are in addition to the "basic" regulations and algorithms that Eliwell refrigeration controllers are well-known for.
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Nr.22 TelevisNet Upgrade Bulletin EN
This document has the target to integrate the official literature provided by Eliwell with TelevisNet. A careful reading of the user manual is needed. Following, you will find the instructions on how to proceed in order to get a successful upgrade. This document is related to TelevisNet version 03.01.00 and previous versions. In case of successive versions, contact Eliwell Technical support.
Nr.21 Web&LanAdapter Bulletin EN
  • Connecting the WebAdapter to the network
  • Connecting from a terminal outside the private LAN
  • Settings on the server or router
  • Connecting from a terminal within the private LAN
  • LanAdapter
  • LanAdapter within a local network
  • Glossary
Nr.20 Special AC Functions Bulletin EN
This bulletin describes the special control functions incorporated in certain air conditioning controllers to supplement conventional control functions. The bulletin describes the potential applications of each function and lists the controllers it is available in.
Nr.19 Reversing Valves Bulletin EN
  • Description of components
  • Functional operation
  • Selection criteria and pressure drop diagrams
  • Interpreting diagrams
  • Parallel valves
  • General installation - removal procedures
  • Replacing the valve unit - a few notes
  • Troubleshooting
  • Test mode
Nr.18 Modbus Tips Bulletin EN
  • Definitions
  • Implemented commands
  • Examples of commands or frames
  • Calculating the logical area
  • Reading a signed variable
  • Example of commands supported by Ech200B controllers
  • Example of commands supported by Ert400B controllers
Nr.17 ModemOverIP Bulletin EN
This bulletin describes the characteristic of the Viola modem and its main applications, in addition to explaining how to use this type of modem with a Televis Compact supervision and monitoring system.
Nr.16 TelevisSystem vs TelevisNet Bulletin EN
The sections that follow provide the guidelines that have to be followed to plan/schedule the tasks required to upgrade existing Televis100, 150 and 200 systems (and related limited versions) to TelevisNet-Web.
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Nr.15 Instrumentation Problems Bulletin EN
This document explains how to identify a potential fault or problem and determine its causes. The details provided will help you to distinguish faults from potential errors or non compatibility issues.
Nr.14 Special Functions CR Bulletin EN
This bulletin concerns special regulators present in several Commercial Refrigeration controllers, that complete the conventional regulators. The following is described for each algorithm: capacity, on which instruments it is available and how it must be enabled and activated.
Nr.13 Glossary Bulletin EN
The scope of this bulletin is to:
  • Explain how to interpret the characters displayed on 7-segment displays.
  • Provide details on the languages and most common terms used in the user's manuals supplied with Eliwell electronic controllers. The sections that follow list some of the common terms used in technical documentation.
Nr.12 RS485 Issues Bulletin EN
The instructions provided below apply to RS485 networks with Eliwell devices and to supervisor units that use both Eliwell and Modbus protocols for communication purposes. This document provides detailed information on the cabling of RS485 networks, and on their use and maintenance, along with troubleshooting guidelines and information on how to correct problems.
Nr.11 Alarm Codes Bulletin EN
This document describes all the error messages that display on devices for commercial refrigeration, along with their causes and possible corrective actions.
Nr.10 Backup Software Bulletin EN
This bulletin details the steps that have to be followed to upgrade and save the data of TelevisSystem150200 (full and partial versions), TelevisInteractive and ConfigurationTool.
Nr.9 Bulletin
Bulletin 9
Nr.8 Returns Procedure Bulletin EN
This bulletin describes the procedure that has to be followed to return items for reparation or inspection. The procedure applies to countries both in and outside the European Union.
Nr.7 TelevisCompact Quick Start Bulletin EN
This document provides general information on how to start TelevisCompact20 & 60. For detailed information on settings and options, please refer to the User's manual available on the CD-ROM provided with the device. Initial start-up should be carried out following the steps outlined below and in the chronological order specified.
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Nr.6 Connectivity Bulletin EN
This document illustrates some solutions developed by Eliwell for the connection of supervision systems and provides some guidelines to troubleshoot connectivity problems.
Nr.5 Labels Bulletin EN
This document describes the information on the labels of instruments to be used in the commercial refrigeration and air conditioning sectors.
Nr.4 PID Bulletin EN
The aim of this bulletin is to explain how PID control works, identify the field of application based on demand and indicate the models in the Eliwell range that are suitable for performing this type of control.
Nr.3 Heating Bulletin EN
The aim of this bulletin is to discuss new products for “space" heating (ECH 985, IC915D) and specific industrial applications (including food storage: IC974, ID915D).
Nr.2 Outputs Bulletin EN
  • Relays
  • Selection criteria
  • Configuration (LX controllers)
  • Mode, Control, Operating
  • TRIAC and on-off control
  • Relay summary table
  • ID relay table
  • IC relay table
Nr.1 Inputs Bulletin EN
  • New applications for Pt100 probes at low temperature
  • Displaying temperature
  • New opportunities with voltage/current inputs
  • Protection rate with NTC . PTC for refrigeration applications
  • Installation of probe in refrigeration applications
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