Research & Development

Eliwell, the driving force of innovation

Eliwell develops control systems for natural refrigerants: R290 for plug-in refrigeration units and R744 for distributed systems. We partner university departments in the development of solutions combining the cutting-edge of thermodynamic science with state-of-the-art control theory. The result? Maximum system efficiency and topology, commissioning and maintenance at new heights of sustainability.

Eliwell, the driving force of innovation

Eliwell invests heavily in research: thanks to partnerships of excellence with leading industry customers and ever-increasing synergy with other Schneider Electric R&D departments, we develop top-performing, highly innovative solutions tailored to the demands of a fast-changing market.

Genuine Italian technology

Eliwell has led the world in refrigeration and air-conditioning control for forty years , designing and developing controllers and solutions with an excellent reputation for quality and reliability.

The key to Eliwell's success lies in its Research and Development Centre , where all stages of product development take place: from design to tests, through to type-approval trials.

The Thermodynamics Lab

Eliwell's pre-launch tests are unforgiving and use highly sophisticated materials. The in-house thermodynamics lab is set up like a real supermarket, complete with various types of cold storage counters and a transcritical CO2 compressor room. Here, we can test our controllers' performance in real working conditions and explore new, strategic areas for state-of-the-art applications.

Design characteristics are assured.