EWBC 1400

Solutions for blast chillers


Blast chillers are used for rapid cooling of hot foods from their cooking temperature to a core temperature of +3°C in less than 90 minutes, so that the product can then be stored in a freezer or refrigerator.
This treatment extends the average shelf-life of the food product, because cold inhibits the growth of bacteria (bacteria multiply more quickly between +8°C and +68°C).
The EWBC 1400 blast chiller controller consists of an open frame circuit board providing a machine control solution available at a manageable cost. On request, Eliwell can supply a standard version of the external polycarbonate, which is easy to customise to individual requirements.

  • Compact and economical controller for entry level applications, with LED display and 4 buttons
  • positive/negative, timer/core probe chill control
  • UV management (sterilisation with germicidal lamp), core probe extraction and defrost on shutdown
  • removable terminals and quick connections
  • Device Manager configuration tool

Technical Data


EWBC 1400

Format 95 x 105 mm
Display 3-digit led
Power supply 230V~ ±15% 50/60Hz
Digital outputs 4 configurable outputs: 4 x 5A 250V
Analogue outputs 1x Open Collector
Digital inputs 1 x voltage-free input with contact closure to ground
Connections TTL for connection to Copy Card
* selectable by parameter