Connectivity, automation, efficiency and flexibility are the keywords that define the solutions Schneider Electric and Eliwell will present at the event – Pav. 24, Booth D21-D29-E22-E30.

Eliwell and Schneider Electric at MCE - Mostra Convegno Expocomfort: an integrated and connected 360-degree offering for the HVAC-R sector

Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of automation and energy management, and Eliwell by Schneider Electric, the group's center of excellence for HVAC-R applications, will present at MCE 2018 the results of the powerful synergies developed together to meet the innovation needs of the retail world.

Visitors to the D21-D29-E22-E30 stand will be able to explore the new Eliwell products and the integrated Schneider Electric solutions for automation and control, refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, ventilation and efficiency, dedicated specifically to the retail sector, whose evolution is supported today by the open, IoT-enabled EcoStruxure® platform.

At center stage is the extensive range of control solutions for the OEM - HVAC sector, with the M172 programmable controller and its new functionalities. Flexibility, efficiency, connectivity and integration with the EcoStruxure® BMS by Schneider Electric and by third party vendors.

One focus will be on Eliwell’s new fan coil solutions, in particular the new Fan Coil Avant, an innovative tool for managing high-efficiency fan coil units. More new products from the ecofriendly DOMINO system and for monitoring temperatures in small spaces with TelevisBlue.

The offering is completed by the Schneider Electric EcoStruxure® Building solution, which integrates HVAC, refrigeration, lighting and a great deal more to offer the Retail sector the most extensive and complete solution for efficient building management.

Totally connected solutions with M172 and EcoStruxure® Machine for HVAC

With Modicon M172, Schneider Electric will present a range of controllers at MCE that are suitable for HVAC machines of any dimensions and ready-to-connect. These controllers were designed primarily to be first choice for the realization of complete solutions that can be innovatively managed throughout their life cycle by the EcoStruxure® Machine Expert - HVAC software suite. The controllers communicate with all the most widely-used and open BMS protocols and are equipped with an integrated web server that immediately enables remote control or cloud connectivity solutions.

An important advantage is the availability of TVDA architectures and function block libraries dedicated specifically to HVAC-R (chillers, heat pumps, air handling units), which speeds up time to market. The EcoStruxure® Machine Expert - HVAC software provides a single platform for managing the entire life cycle of the solution, from programming through commissioning to maintenance. The M172 range is one of Schneider Electric’s Green Premium products, fully compliant with RoHS guidelines and refrigerant regulations.

Alongside the controllers, a wide array of multi-use HMI displays is available in the M172 range, utilizable not just as on board displays but also as room controllers. They are compatible with third-party products and can be integrated into building automation systems.

Complete and flexible fan coil solutions for maximum efficiency

In a market that is substantially mature, innovation is born when technology proposals can integrate in totally flexible and complete solutions a response to all the key needs of the HVAC sector - energy efficiency, automation, simplification of operations and connectivity - to make the most of the opportunities for integrating the digital and operational worlds.

At MCE, Eliwell by Schneider Electric will present a range of fan coil solutions that drastically increase energy efficiency by exploiting brushless technologies that are able to reduce energy consumption by up to 80%. An innovative control technology, with a unique controller for BLDC motors, allows energy performance comparable to that of EC-type motors to be obtained without the typical complexities and redundancies.

The control offering comprises only two board models, but these allow all types of installation - floor, ceiling, ducted – to be managed with maximum, thanks to the availability of a wide range of user interfaces and useful accessories for every application need.

All this with an eye to the increasingly important and widely adopted option of integrating the fan coil systems into Building Management Systems, thanks to the utilization of the standard Modbus communication protocol. And if there is no BMS, Eliwell by Schneider Electric offers an automation microsystem that enables the entire fan coil system to be centrally managed with advanced and programmable user interfaces that can also be accessed remotely.

EcoStruxure® and the Retail world: a successful marriage based on efficiency and IoT

MCE will also be the occasion for presenting to the retail sector all the potentialities and opportunities provided by EcoStruxure®, the IoT-enabled integration platform that offers retailers greater comfort and sustainability as well as a better user experience and more efficient energy and operations management.

EcoStruxure® sets the seal on a complete architecture composed of three levels of innovation: connected products, edge control, applications and cloud.

It enables the information collected by all components of the connected devices to be transmitted to control and management systems which implement dedicated logics to channel it to graphical management interfaces that can also be used remotely, allowing operators to act innovatively and pro-actively. Multi-site logics can also be adopted using cloud or on-premise platforms to implement Schneider Electric’s most innovative energy monitoring, asset management, energy management and predictive maintenance applications.

The synergy of skills and technological excellence developed by Schneider Electric and Eliwell is apparent in real use cases, two of which will be presented at MCE. These case studies focus on the control and management of food refrigeration, which in a supermarket can generate 35-50% of energy consumption, via the implementation of IoT logics at the point of sale. The projects, carried out within the framework of the European CommONEnergy research initiative of which Schneider Electric was a partner, involved the Maremà shopping mall in Grosseto and the Coop Canaletto sales point in Modena.

Other new products and solutions

Other new products relevant to the retail world form part of the DOMINO series, developed by Eliwell to obtain high-efficiency control in supermarkets using natural refrigerants with all the advantages of ease of installation and maintenance. Eliwell’s TelevisBlue solution for temperature monitoring in small businesses such as restaurants and butcher shops, also available as the TelevisBox plug-and-play solution, will also be presented.

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