Eliwell was present at the third edition of Refrigera, the Italian leading exhibition for the refrigeration supply chain, bringing together OEMs, refrigeration technicians and maintenance staff.


For Eliwell, Refrigera 2023 was an opportunity to showcase the entire existing range of digital solutions for the energy efficiency of refrigeration systems and the optimisation of machine set-up and to provide, at the same time, a preview of the new available products.


EWNext P/R, the advanced certified inrush controller

The range of EWNext Performance series controllers has been expanded with the new /R models, where the R refers to specific inrush certified power relays. The new controllers, designed for refrigerators with an on-board compressor, maintain the family feeling of the EWNext range, while integrating the possibility of driving capacitive loads, such as electronic fans or LED light ballasts. The new models are therefore able to power these types of loads in the safest and most suitable way. This is a new proposal that meets the specific EcoDesign requirements of manufacturers of energy-efficient cabinets, who are always looking for high-performance and flexible solutions.

The range consists of four EWNext P/R models that are characterised by the number of configurable inrush relays (1 or 2) and the power they can handle.

As in residential refrigeration, in industrial and commercial refrigeration, there is an increasing demand for certification linked to technical specifications and consumption. Eliwell has therefore chosen to certify the new EWNext P/R controllers according to the IEC/UL 61810-1 Clause D3 standard, which is specific to inrush loads. On the label and documentation accompanying the new controllers, the possibility of supplying capacitive loads in terms of peak current and delivery time is therefore clearly indicated.

Wide Adapter, ECNext and KDENext are the accessories that complement the new EWNext P/R models:

Wide Adapter, available with or without side switches, is designed to support installers retrofitting existing cabinets to replace keyboards with IDNext controllers.

ECNext is the remote display that can be connected to EWNext controllers to meet the application needs of refrigerated display cabinets.

KDE Next is a keyboard that allows the use of Eliwell solutions in remote counters with a split solution.

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More efficient and sustainable refrigeration systems with TelevisGo v10 remote monitoring and maintenance

For new-generation supermarkets and refrigerated warehouses, Eliwell confirms its efficient and sustainable technology strategy with the DOMINO solution, consisting of the RTX 600 DOMINO ZERO and EWCM 9000 PRO-HF controllers and combined with the TelevisGo v10 supervision system.

The new TelevisGo v10 version has been completely revamped in terms of usability, allowing rapid installation and a high degree of customisation; it also makes maintenance work faster, thanks to the possibility of direct remote access to all the information and functions of the controllers and of the entire system.

To complete the solution, further new features are available:

- new Ethernet Adapter modules to increase performance and flexibility in system installation;

- for high-efficiency industrial and commercial refrigeration systems, the new features introduced in the EWCM 9000 PRO-HF manage up to 3 inverters per circuit to optimise system performance and pressure stability, while minimising wear on mechanical components and the need for maintenance;

- LKDNext: refrigerant leak detectors also available for CO2 systems, configurable via Eliwell AIR app and connectable to TelevisGo supervisor.

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Cloud-connected plug-in cabinets with Eliwell TelevisAir 3.0

The entire TelevisAir 3.0 new generation connectivity offering was also present at the exhibition, enhanced with the new AIR EDGE device, which offers interesting benefits to both refrigeration equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and installers and end users, such as owners of bakeries, butcher shops and shops with plug-in refrigeration equipment in general.

The AIR EDGE hardware is able to enable connectivity to the cloud of compatible Eliwell controllers, such as Coldface AIR, in EWRC NTEWRC 5000, and IDNext Panel versions, IDNext, LKDNext, and EWNext, in P, D, OP/R versions, through the use of local WiFi or Ethernet networks. Access to the cloud enables remote management of permanently connected controllers both in read (for data analysis and monitoring) and write (for changing parameters or sending commands to manage utilities), interacting from a PC, thanks to the TelevisAir cloud service, and visualising them via the Eliwell AIR app, thanks to the availability of a configuration wizard on the local network. A major innovation for manufacturers, installers and end users.


FREE Optima, the new programmable controller

Eliwell also previewed the new FREE Optima: a compact, powerful and connectable PLC, programmable from the FREE Studio Plus suite, designed for system integrators.

Compatible with natural refrigerants, Free Optima is suitable for HVAC machines such as heat pumps, heat recovery units, process and industrial chillers, air handling units, Pumping and more.



At Refrigera 2023, also in-depth seminars with Trade Associations

Eliwell, as part of the UCFG (“Unione del Caldo e del Freddo Green”) group, took part in a round table, led by Legambiente, dedicated to the adoption of natural refrigerants, discussing about regulations and offering its technological and consulting expertise to better support the market's sustainability needs.

While at the Assofrigoristi booth, Eliwell presented the TelevisAir 3.0 solution at the seminar IoT: a new way of being a refrigeration technician, where the advantages that new technologies can offer refrigeration professionals were discussed. Eliwell, together with Assofrigoristi, is available to support refrigeration professionals in this transition to digital for the acquisition of new skills.



Not only technology, but also and above all people: indeed, thanks to the Expert Center, the team of specialists for pre- and post-sales support, Eliwell is also increasingly at customers' side for application consultancy, dedicated in particular to system integrators.



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