Bipolar 'stepper' expansion valve


The bipolar expansion valve series SXVB regulates the flow of refrigerant to the evaporator by proportionally modulating its opening and closing, allowing a wide range of power variation. The highly precise and reliable control of refrigerant flow increases the efficiency of the entire system. There are four valve bodies and eleven orifices to meet power ratings ranging from 8 KW to 257 kW

The valves are suitable for use with HCFC, HFC and HFO. The body 1 valves can also be used with CO2 and with the most common HC refrigerants.

Technical data






Actuator type Bipolar stepper motor
Control Full step
Strokesteps for complete closure 10,5mm 415 step 8,2mm 197 step 8,2mm 197 step 12,5mm 985 step
Rated power See performance tables
Rated power operating conditions Evap. T +5 °C, T cond. +40 °C, overcooled. 0 °K, overheated. 0 °K
Rated power operating conditions R744 Evap. T -30 °C, T cond. 0 °C, T valve input liquid -4 °C
Adjustment range 10...95%
Refrigerants HCFC, HFC, HFO, HC and CO2 HCFC, HFC and HFO
MOPD [bar] 35 40 35 30
Maximum operating pressure [bar] 60 45 45 45
TS temperature -40 / +80 °C
Protection IP67 (a connettore montato)
Driver Eliwell XVD, Eliwell V900, Eliwell V910, Eliwell RTX /VS (body1 and body2)
Connections and geometry braze welded tube, angled
Operation bidirectional
Sight glass not available
Certifications CE, UL
Possible operating angles Any orientation
Motor Integral Inspectable
Step angle 7,5° 15° 15° 7,5°
Step 0,0127mm 0,042mm 0,0127mm
Nominal speed [step/s] 35 20 70
Contact current 100% duty cycle
N° of cycles tested between 10% and 100% ~5 million cycles
Over-run steps 100 60 150
Rated voltage 24V
Rated phase current 200(350spunto)mA 200(300spunto)mA 560mA
Connettore 4 vie M12 4G SXVB2624VC300 3m cable
SXVB2624VC015 15m cable