Energy Flex

Energy saving and innovative applications in a new range of controllers for the HVAC market

Versatile installation

Thanks to the offer of several models and highly flexible configuration, the controller can be adapted to suit a variety of applications, from the single unit to the whole system.
The hardware platforms have several I/O configurations and several sizes to give maximum versatility of installation.
The expansion modules enable to increase the number of resources to control, so to meet even the most complex application needs high capacity within the microprocessor’s memory equips the instrument with advanced adjustment.

User Interface

The whole Energy Flex range has front plates that can be customised with icons and manufacturer’s logo for a market differentiation. The 4-digit display with 18 icons, 7 of which configurable, offers a clear readability, with dedicated units of measures for each value displayed. Using the 4 push buttons it is possible to activate all the main controller functions, like modifying the current display, selecting the operating mode, activating manual defrost and switching the controller on/off, as well as browse the menu organized into folders. The access to the folders and parameters is configurable through three different levels: end user, service and constructor. The Energy Flex range is completed by two different remote keyboards: one with a small- dimension led display for panel mounting and the other one with a backlit LCD display, with modern and attractive design that easily fits in with the furnishing, for wall mounting. algorithms . This includes a modulating control of the water pump, dynamic defrost, analogue condensation control and heat pump deactivation for very low external temperatures . These controls can be used to reduce energy consumption within the installed system with significant impact. The addition of a high number of analogue outputs provides increased flexibility so that any kind of utility can be managed with power modulation to increase the energy efficiency of the device.

Eliwell, the market leading company for air conditioning controls in small and medium-size units, is once again setting a new standard with its introduction of Energy Flex, a new range of electronic controllers with advanced functions, specific for central air conditioning units. Energy Flex, the next generation of ECH family of controllers, is used to control refrigerators, heat pumps, condensing units and Close Control, inside industrial systems in minimarkets, offices, hotels and homes

Connectivity and control

All Energy Flex controllers are equipped with a serial connection which enables the easy integration with the plant supervision, monitoring and management systems.
The management of most of the systems functions is possible through the ModBus standard communication protocol, ensuring a complete control of the plant. Thanks to the connectivity moduls RadioAdapter, LanAdapter or BusAdapter, it is possible to exploit the connections Wireless or the Ethernet or even RS 485 for the remote plant management. The new SW DeviceManager, is not only used to monitor and record the system variables in real time, simplifying the plant set-up for the lab tests, but enables also a quick controller programming.
With an optional Copy Card it is possible to upload and download the controller parameter map for fast configuration, download the alarm history and upload the software applications.