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TelevisAir is the Eliwell solution for connectivity designed for plugins such as:

  • Bottle cooler
  • Drink dispenser
  • Icecream freezer
  • Display cabinet

Dongle BTLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

The BTLE dongle is an accessory that can be connected to the TTL port of Eliwell compatible devices to implement Bluetooth communication; all the Eliwell compatible devices with the BTLE dongle display the AIR suffix in the description and, where available, the AIR logo on the front. There are 2 types of BTLE dongle:

  • BTLE Dongle Basic: allows interface between Eliwell device and Eliwell AIR APP which becomes the local user interface on smart devices (smartphone, tablet, etc.)
  • BTLE Dongle Datalog: in addition to the Basic functionality, it is equipped with a local memory that allows the user to register parameters and resources of the controller.

Eliwell AIR APP

Available for Android and iOS operating systems, offers the following features:

  • Smart local interface with the controller; it is possible to verify the status of the controller, the value of its operating variables, the complete management of the individual parameters and the sending of specific commands.
  • Download and / or upload the full map of the device and share it through the media installed in the smart device (email, WhatsApp etc)
  • Download of the memory of the BTLE Datalog Dongle on the smart device in CSV format and sharing through the media installed in the smart device (email, WhatsApp etc.)

Sending the data stored in the BTLE Datalog Dongle and GPS location to the CLOUD after activation of the service.

TelevisAir CLOUD

CLOUD platform that, after activating your account, permits to:

  • View the geographic layout and general status of your cooler network
  • Access the individual cooler to verify the history of the stored data
  • Activate threshold alerting messaging for each variable of the cooler operation

Legal and technical documentation

Legal and technical documentation


Brochure TelevisAir